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Real Estate Litigation

Vondran Legal is a Premier Real Estate Arbitration & Litigation Law Firm

Attorney Steve Vondran started and launched his career as a real estate law firm.  We built our law firm representing real estate brokers, developers, licensees, realtors and investors in cases ranging from simple zoning issues to complex eminent domain.  When the foreclosure and predatory lending fiasco hit we fought Wall Street and Fortune 500 banks, loan servicers, and securitized loan trusts in a wide variety of real estate litigation in both state and federal courts, and in adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court.  We still maintain the fight today in select cases.

We also handle a wide variety of general real estate litigation cases including cases where Brokers are sued for breach of fiduciary duty and carriers issues reservation of rights letters and you may need to seek appointment of cumis counsel.  Steve Vondran has earned real estate broker licenses in both California and Arizona, and he has industry experience in mortgage lending, residential and commercial real estate (he sold industrial real estate).  We know real estate and we fight hard to win in the Plaintiff or Defendant cases we handle.  We are also experienced in real estate arbitration cases.

The following are types of real estate law cases we have litigated:

  1. Federal Truth in Lending rescission cases (“TILA” and Reg Z Defense)
  2. Federal RESPA lawsuits (Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act)
  3. Wrongful foreclosure cases
  4. Predatory lending lawsuits (unconscionable loans)
  5. Real Estate broker accusations (BRE in California and DRE in Arizona)
  6. Broker administrative hearings (real estate license hearings)
  7. Mortgage broker lawsuits (mortgage fraud and stated income loans)
  8. Breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits
  9. Financial elder abuse cases involving real estate and real estate brokers
  10. California real estate recovery account (filings and defense)
  11. Eminent domain and inverse condemnation / prop 207 Arizona
  12. Real estate partnership disputes, LLC disputes
  13. Constructive fraud involving real estate
  14. Attorney malpractice involving real estate
  15. Real estate arbitration
  16. Commercial property tax appeal lawsuit
  17. Injunctions to stop foreclosures (lis pendens)
  18. Quiet Title
  19. Breach of commercial lease
  20. Real estate fraud and non-disclosure (material defects fraudulent omissions)
  21. Mold litigation
  22. Termite inspection fraud
  23. Lead paint personal injury litigation
  24. Unlicensed real estate activity defense
  25. Environmental contamination litigation
  26. Realtor Code of Ethics disputes
  27. Broker partnership disputes
  28. Property management litigation
  29. Real estate breach of contract
  30. Federal Fair Housing litigation
  31. Premises liability (personal injuries due to unsafe common areas or broken stairwell / stair case)
  32. Reverse mortgage litigation (we protect seniors over 65)
  33. Real estate broker startup services
  34. NMLS Safe Act lawyers
  35. Exercising 90 day right of redemption in HOA foreclosures California
  36. Easement and boundary line disputes
  37. Drones & trespass into airspace
  38. Attractive nuisance doctrine
  39. Breach of commercial lease
  40. Real estate zoning, land use (and proposition 207 property rights in AZ)
  41. Fraudulent conveyance of real estate (fraudulent assignments of deed of trust)
  42. Partition actions
  43. Assistance with FSBO (for sale by owner) transactions
  44. Neighbor disputes (fences, trees hanging over onto property, noise, nuisances, barking dogs, water intrusions, etc.)

This is a sample list of the types of real estate litigation cases we have handled and/or can litigate, mediate, or arbitrate.  From real estate fraud, financial elder abuse and real estate non-disclosure cases to suing your termite or pest control company.  We have a flexible fee structure for you.  In some cases we may be able to take all or part of your case on a contingency fee basis.  Check out our flexible fee schedules.  In other cases we might be able to set a low and predictable flat rate legal fee.  It depends on your case.

Foreclosure and Predatory Lending Practice

Jump here to find out more about our foreclosure and predatory lending practice.  We handle real estate foreclosure, wrongful foreclosure, short sales, surplus funds, anti-deficiency cases, general foreclosure options legal consultations and more.  Attorney Steve Vondran has appeared on Fox News Willis Report on three occasions to discuss cutting edge real estate law cases.  He has also been quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle dealing with a real estate fraud case that was successfully resolved against one of the worlds largest lenders, a case that several other real estate lawyers turned down.  We turned it into a huge victory for our client.  We have a track record of stopping wrongful foreclosure with foreclosure injunctions and lis pendens.  We have also helped out elderly borrowers and commercial property owners by advancing claims of financial elder abuse.  From adverse posession to quiet title to real estate zoning (A-Z) the top real estate firm to handle your Arizona or California real estate law case is Vondran Legal.

Real Estate Broker Defense before Bureau of Real Estate / Department of Real Estate

Jump here to find out more about our highly regarded real estate broker compliance defense practice.  We have helped a large number of real estate licensees (both sales licensees and brokers and their companies) in a wide variety of disputes including basic investigations, response to BRE / DRE letters, requests for removal of restricted license, applications for admissions, broker recovery account cases, general legal compliance issues and fighting denial of real estate licenses based on past criminal convictions (such as burglary and robbery, assault, arson and other felonies and misdemeanors).

Real Estate Zoning and Land Use Practice

Finally, we have a Arizona based land use practice that handles real estate zoning cases, rezoning of land, PUD zoning, variances, special use permits, senior housing, eminent domain, inverse condemnation, appeals to the Maricopa County Board of Adjustment, and other related land use cases.  Attorney Steve Vondran was appointed by Mayor Stanton to the North Mountain Village Planning Committee.

Contractors and issues with the Arizona Registrar of Contracts

Our real estate firm can help you when things go wrong with home improvement projects such as landscaping, air and hearing, masonry, tile, electrical, lighting, cement, fence, wall, pool, drywall and other contracting work.  We help homeowners with legitimate claims against the contractor and also defend contractors who have legitimate defenses to raise.  At stake is the contractors license and serious blemishes to one’s public record.  We can help review your case, raise appropriate claims and defenses, and try to resolve the dispute through the AZROC – Arizona registrar of contractors dispute resolution process.

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We look forward to representing you if you are in need of a California or Arizona real estate litigation law firm.  Our passion for real estate is verifiable and we truly believe that we are the best real estate law firm you can hire in the Southwest.

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