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Our law firm is a boutique federal intellectual property firm with prominent national leadership in the area of software audits, copyright infringement, Torrent illegal download cases and other cases dealing with federal IP law.  We have helped businesses of all sizes from Coast to Coast in regard to federal IP legal cases.  We also have a prominent California Real Estate Broker Law practice that has been second to none since 2004.

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Our practice areas center around the following areas:


1.  Copyright Law (ex. copyright infringement prosecution and defense, DMCA “take-down” and “safe-harbors“, photo infringement cases, copyright bully & Bittorrent defense

2.  Trademark Law (ex. trademark search & applications, response to USPTO office action letters, federal trademark litigation)

 3. Software Licensing Audits (ex. Microsoft, Autodesk, Business Software Alliance, and SIIA audits);

RESULTS:  Click here to see a few of our sample settlements in software  licensing compliance cases.

4. Internet Law (ex. UDRP domain name disputes, online defamation, libel, slander, right of publicity, invasion of privacy and other cybertorts).  Also Free Speech, First Amendment, Fake News and California Anti-SLAPP.  Youtube MCN Contract Review.

5.  TV signal piracy cases [Joe Hand Promotions, JJ Sports Productions, Dish Network, Direct TV, illegal pay-per-view broadcasting of Ultimate Fight Championship, Boxing, Extreme Fighting piracy.

6.  Contingency recovery services for lost licensing & copyright infringement fees

7.  Failed ERP software implementation

8.  Pirate Radio – FCC Enforcement Actions

We seek to form a partnership with our clients and to provide cost-effective legal solutions. We offer flexible legal fees including possible contingency fees and low flat rate (predictable) legal fees in many cases.

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