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Welcome to The Law Offices of Steven C. Vondran, P.C.

We are a boutique business, real estate & commercial litigation law firm with offices in California and Arizona

Our firm counsels corporations, business owners, investors and we handle complex legal issues and serious legal disputes.  We accept cases in the area of contract law, corporations, and arbitration / litigation in the areas of business, real estate (including financial elder abusezoning and land usereal estate broker complianceeminent domain and residential and commercial real estate transactions.), insurance subrogation, personal injury and intellectual property law including a strong practice area in copyright infringement and software license audit cases (BSA Defense Lawyers).

We seek to form a partnership with our clients to provide cost-effective legal solutions.  Our attorneys have represented both individuals and large companies (including Fortune 500) in business & corporate matters and legal disputes in the southwest, including California and Arizona.  When it comes to business and commercial litigation, we believe our law firm is the best, most creative, and most tenacious law firm in the Southwest.  We also have a top-notch commercial and residential transactions real estate services practice area and an ADR services to mediate mediation and arbitration cases.

Click here to learn more about our practice areas.  Click here for more information about our amazing low-cost ZipCounsel fast and affordable business, real estate and IP legal services.  Retaining general corporate counsel should not be beyond the financial reach of startup, small business, and mid-sized companies.  We also offer “attorney special appearance” services for individuals and corporations in both Arizona and California (state and federal courts).  Finally, we can serve as an real estate expert witness in your next real estate arbitration, mediation or litigation case.

Our firm’s goal is to tailor a fee structure that meets the needs of each of our clients, whether large or small.  We offer a wide variety of fee structures including flexible hourly rates, contingency fee arrangements, flat fee cases, and a hybrid of these where necessary.

Common types of cases we handle

1.  Subrogation of flood and fire (property damage cases)

2. Business litigation (ex. breach of contract)

3.  Real estate fraud

4.  Breach of fiduciary duty (real estate law)

5.  General corporate counsel

6.  Copyright infringement & BSA audits

7.  Contract law (draft, review & advise)

8.  Real estate broker accusations, audits & investigations

9.  Financial elder abuse

10.  Zoning & land use cases

11.  Internet disputes (domain names, trademark issues, right of publicity, online defamation)

12.  Foreclosure & Predatory lending

13.  Real Estate broker compliance, admissions & licensing cases

14.  Serious Personal injury

15.  Arbitration and mediation of disputes

16.  Wrongful denial of life insurance death benefits (ex. two year contestability clauses)

17.  Eminent Domain & Inverse Condemnation

Contact us to discuss your case by filling out the contact form below.  We handle a wide variety of commercial litigation cases including cases that may not be listed above.  Click on our “BLOG TOPICS” links to the right to see blogs we have written in our practice area categories.

Our commitment to our legal clients

We will work hard on your cases, be responsive to you, help advise your business (for our corporate clients) and will strive to maximize the monetary recovery in every case for our Plaintiff clients, (or to minimize your legal exposure if you are a Defendant in a arbitration or litigation case).  In short, we advocate for you, we turn over every rock, and we fight for every dime you are entitled to and do our best to promote and advance your corporate legal interests.

We have solid experience litigating in state and federal courts in California and Arizona, including adversary proceedings in bankruptcy courts and administrative hearings in real estate licensing broker accusation disputes. We have litigated against fortune 500 companies and their powerhouse law firms down to handling the smaller “mom and pop” type cases involving local businesses and the disputes that arise in every day business, whether big or small.

What makes us different from all the other law firms?

There are a lot of law firms you can choose from, we recognize that.  However, we think when you look closely at the details, there is only one choice for your corporate business law and civil litigation needs – VONDRAN LEGAL!

The top three things that make us better than the other firms:

1.  We believe in amazing customer service.  While most law firms will pay lip service to this, we truly believe that as attorneys you are paying us for legal advice, but to also be responsive and attentive to your needs as a client.  This means we TAKE your calls, or respond to them as QUICKLY as possible, and we cater to your needs as a client the best we can, and try to bring levity to what can sometimes be a stressful situation.  In fact, customer service will be something you will notice from the first instance that you contact our firm.  If you think this might be a case of empty rhetoric, contact us at the number below and discuss your case with our friendly staff.   We think the difference is obvious.  This is clearly not a stuffy old law firm where you get to pay for the expensive furniture.

2.  We are cognizant that legal bills MUST be affordable.  In this economy, there is no more room for the “cadillac law firms” of the 80′s.  We believe in keeping costs low, offering flexible legal fees, providing tangible benefits in the cases we work on, and in making the experience as stress-free as possible.  We are not in business to set you up for a shocking legal bill (often the product of “double billing” or even “triple billing” that some traditional law firms might do) which can then be followed by “sending you out to a collection firm” as some run their law office.  Clients deserve the best legal service and a fair and honest treatment.  Reflective of our attitudes in regard to providing accessible and affordable legal services can be found in our Zip Counsel legal services pilot project.  By using our skill and experience and streamlining a select menu of legal services, we are able to serve our clients in a variety of areas of the law, with a focus on business and real estate, at a low affordable legal fee.  At Vondran Legal, we seek to break old-fashioned molds and to innovate at every possible turn, much like your business has to be on the cutting edge and innovating in order to survive in a competitive marketplace.  We believe you will enjoy the synergies of working with a law firm that thinks like you do, strategically, and with an eye to the bottom line.

3.  We turn over every stone in an effort to win your case.  While many law firms state they will go the extra mile for you and will do anything to win, we take great pride in being thoroughly prepared in the cases we accept, but also being creative in business and civil litigation cases we accept (we are here to put our heads together to try to find a way to navigate your or your company through legal issues that need to be addressed), and we turn over every stone to help achieve your business and litigation objectives in each case.

While we believe there are many other reasons that Vondran Legal should earn your business and be your next corporate or litigation law firm, (ex. proven litigation track record in both state and federal courts and ability to provide clear and concise legal advice & negotiating skills), the choice is best left to you.  Contact us to discuss your business, arbitration, or litigation needs.

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Our offices

We serve Clients throughout the states of Arizona and California.  We have offices in the following areas:

1.  San Diego (servicing Carlsbad/Oceanside/LaJolla and Temecula)

2.  Newport Beach (servicing Orange County, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Anaheim, Tustin, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Because, Dana Point, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach)

3.  Beverly Hills (servicing entire Los Angeles County, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Manhatten Beach, Tarzana, and Pasadena)

4.  San Francisco (servicing Bay area, Silicon valley, San Jose, Marin County, and Oakland)

5.  Phoenix (servicing Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, Coconino, Yavapai and other counties)

Fill out the contact form below to setup a consultation.  We also handle other cases in other towns, cities and counties of California and Arizona.  Contact us to discuss.

Contact us for a free initial discussion

For more information, or to discuss our experience and qualifications please fill out the form below.  We will not share your information with any third parties as per our policies.  You can also reach us at (877) 276-5084. Please do not send any confidential information.  Our firm does not represent you unless and until a written retainer agreement is signed, and any applicable legal fees are paid.  Free consultations are limited to time and availability and will depend on the type of case you are calling about.  We offer flexible legal fees including taking some cases on a contingency fee and flat rate fee basis.   Call for details.

We look forward to working with you.

Steve Vondran, Esq. (“Attorney Steve”)

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