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Vondran v. Competition – comparing BRE defense lawyers

Sep 10th, 2015 | By | Category: Real Estate Broker Law

Facing a real estate subpoena, investigation, audit or accusation?  If you are deciding which BRE defense law firm to choose from this blog might help.

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This blog is posted as a consumer guide to share information that might help them make a tough decision on which lawyer or law form to hire for a DRE/BRE real estate licensing case.

I ran into an auditor from the BRE the other day.  He asked me “do you know XXXX? [our competitor BRE defense lawyers]”  I said “yes, I know XXXX, I have met him before, at a DRE licensing hearing as it turned out.  He said “hmm, I see.”  He said “you know he used to work for the Department of Real Estate, now the Bureau or Real Estate.  And I said “yes, I understand that to be the case, why do you ask?”  He said “I was just curious because the only two DRE defense lawyers I know of are XXXX and XXX.”  I said “well the world is probably changing a little.  My firm is an up and coming firm and we believe we have become so successful in this area of law for several reasons:

1.  We listen to our Clients and get to know their needs and objectives

2.  We get started on their case fast (often times there are subpoena deadlines, or response deadlines, etc.) and people need fast service now.  Being a nimble firm we can accommodate those needs.

3.  We believe we offer superior services (in most cases) for a flat rate fee pricing model

4.  We have a track record in defending against accusations, handling property management audits, responding to subpoenas and investigation letters, and basically getting the work done on time, and within our Client’s budget.

The BRE auditor raised his eyebrows, and I think he found my “elevator speech” to be impressive.  I told the auditor “if you run into XXXXX, tell them I said hi, and tell them we are an up and coming firm and we are vying for the top spot.

Now, I am not sure who holds the top spot in handling BRE compliance, admissions and defenses cases, but I do know we are a significant player in the filed given the number of calls and cases we get.

I also asked this particular auditor “do you ever see XXXXX create any youtube videos that discuss the line of work we are in, and the business process we are engaged in?”  He had no answer.  I then said, “you should check out my videos on, and let me know what you think.  I put alot of videos out there for the rest of the world to see, including other attorneys who want my business.”  I have nothing to hide and you get to see what I know IN ADVANCE, BEFORE YOU HIRE ME.  I asked him to let me know if my competitors did any free public education like this.  He had no response.

Clearly, I had cut through his initial objections, and possibly made him understand why our real estate practice representing brokers in accusations and realtor arbitrations is growing so fast.  Our passion, skill and expertise in this area can be clearly seen, and this is something that has attracted many Clients to our law firm.

What we have to offer

Again, we have a lot to offer that appeals to many real estate professionals.

1.  Great service (yes, we believe in customer service)

2.  Creative lawyering

3.  Flat rate fees in most cases (so you avoid the shocking legal bill of a firm that might tell you “we take everything to trial and bill hourly.”  Some firms do that.  With that type of firm, you will get a shocking legal bill for the same legal service we can provide USUALLY on a flat rate fee basis.

4.  Prompt communication with our clients.  While we cannot always respond within a few minutes, in many circumstances we can.  Try us to see what we are all about by sending an email using the contact form below.

We are aware that XXX previously worked as counsel for the BRE (Vondran has not which is one main difference between the two), and undoubtedly he has great knowledge of the inner workings of Sacramento and of local counsel.  However that being said, there is an established legal process that all real estate lawyers practicing licensing law and defense must follow (for example rules for handling accusations), and we have been very successful in applying that process.

Will you get a better deal because a lawyer who represents you used to work for the Bureau of Real Estate?

This is something other BRE lawyers will say (from what we are told by Client’s who are shopping around for a BRE audit lawyer), “we can get you a better deal because we used to work at the bureau of real estate.”  To me, this raises several questions (of wish you should probably ask if you are considering going this route)?

1.  Why did you leave the BRE?  Were they treating you poorly?

2.  Were you underpaid?

3.  Did you leave on good terms?

4.  Do anyone ever say “hey, don’t forget about us, if you have any BRE licensing or defense cases, or accusations, just bring them to us, we can help you get them settled for cheap since we really love you so much.”

5.  Do you have any examples or client testimonies that would indicate that you got a better settlement working with a lawyer who used to work at the Bureau.

To illustrate the importance of these questions, I used to work at the credit bureau Experian.  But when I left, there was no big party for me, and no one told me I could call in at any time as a private practitioner and help people clean up their credit reports.  People, don’t fall for the obvious sales lines you are going to get when you call around to interview law firms.  Pick a firm that has energy, passion, enthusiasm and a track record (yes, we have Avvo reviews).

Ask your BRE audit lawyer if they have any videos you can watch.  If they don’t, how serious are they about putting their opinions and thoughts online.  Are they afraid to share what they know?  Are the afraid of public criticism and peer review?  Our youtube channel ( shows our clients:

1.  An overview of the common BRE compliance violations

2.  Overview of what the “cite and fine” process is

3.  Overview of the accusation process and possible discipline.

We lay it out there on the line, and do not hide in an office with cherrywood tables (note we are not attacking any specific competitor, just making a general observation about how some law firms operate – beautiful furniture that the Client end up paying for (like las vegas casinos, somebody ends up paying for that).

We know you have tough choices to make, and we throw out as much free information as time permits.

In short, we do law mean, and lean and differently.

As we tell people, “this is not your daddy’s stuffy ole law firm.”

We are quick, tenacious and creative with specific plans and solutions to resolve your problems.


Before you hire a CalBRE license defense lawyer, make sure you have done your homework.  Above all, make sure you FEEL GOOD inside about the firm you are choosing.  We don’t this there is any firm you can choose that you will better about than Vondran Legal.  While we do not disparage XXXXX, we do believe there are a lot of questions all parties should ask of their potential lawyers and we feel strongly once you go Vondran, you will see why we say the “V” is for Victory!!  We look forward to having you on our team as we fight to prevail in your case.

Contact a BRE real estate defense law firm

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