UDRP Complaints

When your brand is on the line we can fight for your rights.

One of the biggest problem facing corporations today in all fields of business is internet domain name disputes.  With the global expansion of domain names, the internet universe is opening wide, and registrants of domain names are battling it out against trademark owners over internet domain names such as:

1.  Domain names dealing with company names that are federally registered trademarks (for example, trademarks that have been registered with the USPTO)

2.  Domain names that incorporate trademarked company products (ex. product names that have trademarks, whether federally registered or common law trademark rights)

3.  Domain names that incorporate company service marks (service marks can be registered as trademarks)

4.  Domain names that incorporate corporate slogans that have been federally registered as a trademark or which has common law trademark rights.

5.  Domain names that incorporate personal names and nicknames that are protected by trademark rights

The are the kinds of domain names that cybersquatters are purchasing with the hopes of selling them in bad faith to the owners of the trademark.

While you have to applaud the entrepreneurialism of those buying, registering and selling the domain, you also have to look at the “bad faith aspects” of registering marks of the trademark owners in an attempt to hold the domain hostage and forcing you to buy these domain, often through the use of a “domain name broker” who will also want  a commission to help you obtain the domain name which you feel you might be rightly entitled to as a matter of law.

Welcome to the world of domain name disputes and this is what usually triggers a domain name complaint and UDRP proceeding (which is basically on online arbitration to a WIPO domain name arbitrator, or in front of the National Arbitration Forum.

What you need to prove to get your domain from a cybersquatter  through the UDRP complaint process.

When you feel that you may the victim of cybersquatting, user-squatting or typo squatting you should contact an internet domain name lawyer.

We can help you prove the registrant of the domain name registered the domain in bad faith and to take advantage of your brand and trademarks.

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