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Social media tips for new lawyers

Jun 14th, 2015 | By | Category: Meet Attorney Steve

How to succeed as a new lawyer – Hang out your shingle!!!

How to build a social media empire for attorneys


This blog provides some basic things that I think will help any new lawyer succeed after they pass they bar, and when they want to “hang out their own shingle” (which is the only real way to live anyway – building your own brand and earning what you are worth).

Here we go

Here is our easy 1,2,3 of social media marketing for new lawyers.  Check it out!!!


For example, our firm made a decision in this area:

Insurance Lawyers (broad) – Denial of Life Insurance Benefits (niche) – two year contestability clauses (sub-niche).  The riches are in the niches.

Do you see how this works?  If you don’t understand.  Stop and think about it for a bit.

SECOND – get a great domain name for your firm using either your firm name (ex. or superniche name (ex.  Our firm is big on representing persons who are victims of “financial elder abuse.”  To accomplish our law firms objectives, we secured the domain name for $300.

Let’s break this legal “superniche” down:

Personal injury lawyer (broad) – Elder Abuse (niche) – Financial Elder Abuse (superniche)

Do not be afraid to “invest” in a good domain name, and I recommend ONLY a .com name.  Not to say the .net or .tv. or .attorney or .lawyer might not be good, but .com has established industry and commercial recognition.

THIRD, start generating the content (general legal information and analysis).  Show your personality off.  Everyone has one, find your voice and use it.

Here are some ideas of what you can talk about:

1.  Explain statutes (ex. the insurance code, financial elder abuse in regard to insurance agents, etc.)
2.  Provide relevant case briefs
3.  Break the news in this area (you can setup google alerts to make this easy)
4.  Provide tips and strategies for consumers.  In our example above, “how to deal with insurance companies”
Provide information a “self-help” population is looking for, and in a manner they can relate to – basically studies show that you should lower down your vocabulary as if you were talking at a 6th grade level, and without resort to legal jargon (which mmost people do not understand).
5.  Don’t let up.  Just because there are millions of blogs out there, do not give up. Just keep blogging and building your legal authority in your super-niche area.
6.  Take all of the above and figure out interesting videos you can make.  Without a KILLER youtube channel, your chances of success in the practice of law (unless you are great at podcasting) in my opinion will be diminished.  You need killer content that people can easily digest in their preferred formats.
These are the main things to keep in mind.  There are many other tips and strategies you need to be thinking of, but this should give you a good starting point.

Do you offer social media consulting for new lawyers?

Yes, I can help set your company up with a solid brand building and social media marketing program that will help you standout in your field.  The generating of leads will take hard work on your part, but without a solid plan for building authority on the internet, in a manner which google will recognize, you cannot really get to where you want to get in life.  Invest in yourself and let us help you get started.  Call (877) 276-5084 and just mention “Social Media Startup.”  While we are a busy commercial litigation law firm, we also like to help new lawyers who want to succeed and make their mark, and most of all, build their legal authority!!!  Fill out the contact form below for more information:


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