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Social Media Consulting for Lawyers and Paralegals

Is it time for your law firm or paralegal practice to “get in the game” with social media marketing?

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The internet is the new “phone book.”  But with the phone book, you need to keep paying to update your ads each year and you have no idea how many people (maybe NONE) are looking at your law firm advertisement.  But if that is the case, what do you have as far as a social media presence?  So many law firms are “old school” (i.e. “we are not going to look for business on the internet”) and when I hear this I just laugh.  I say must be “daddy’s law firm.”  Old school marketing will land most surely end up with your firm laying off attorneys and paralegals, and ultimately wondering where you are going to get your business from.  Our law firm gets hundreds of leads per month, and we pick and choose our cases.  Would you like to position your law firm for this type of success, or are you sure you have your marketing under control.  If you are reading this blog, its because you wonder what it would be like to be able to pick and choose your clients from a flow of internet leads.


I have generated thousands upon thousands of legal leads in the past 10 years

What is the key to generating legal leads?  Well, to me, its all about authority.  Standing for something, and showing your true colors – showing what your law firm is most passionate about.  Showing what type of cases you are qualified to handle.  Whether it is copyright infringement cases, BSA audits, property management audits, or financial elder abuse lawsuits, you need to be able to articulate why clients should hire your law firm as opposed to the thousands of other lawsuits. We can help you do that.  In order to be OUTSTANDING – you must “STAND OUT.”  We help you figure out your value proposition and take your message online through social media.

Internet marketing tips for lawyers

I can help your law firm get a social media presence that you can be proud of

Your image is everything, and we can help you craft your own unique social media image.  We can help you set up the following social media channels to help you attract more law clients, build your brand, and basically prevent your law firm from becoming extinct or being forced to downsize like so many law firms are doing (what I call “daddy’s law firm” where the kids work there and have no idea what they are doing, have no legal skills, and depend on their daddy’s to help them make a living – while having no sense over what social media is, or how it works).  We help take your law firm out of the dark ages.

Types of things we can help you with:

1.  Creating a wordpress law firm website that grabs attention and doesn’t look like every other law site out there.  Wordpress allows you to customize things to your needs and in a way that best projects your brand and image.  We help you create a killer home page.  Does your law firm or paralegal website have snap-engage so you can interact with visitors who cannot find what they are looking for on your website?  Why not?

2.  Creating an amazing legal youtube channel.  If you are saying “what’s a you tube channel” you are completely missing the boat.  We can get your set up in your legal niche pumping out the types of videos your clients want to see, and which will help you build a loyal pack of “fans and followers” and subscribers to your youtube channel.  Many of our clients come to us from youtube, and these leads want to hire us at the time the call.  Why?  Because they can see our personality, passion, and knowledge on the subject matters we make videos on.  If you are not building a law firm video channel, respectfully you are completely missing the boat and risking extinction.

3.  Teach you how to write killer legal blogs that deliver results.  If you are not blogging, you are also missing the boat.  You need to “publish or perish.”  The modern lawyer must also be a scholar and publisher of legal content.  You need to “show what you know to get the dough.”  We can help you identify your legal niche and help you “pitch the niche.”  The riches are in the niches. We have a proven track record of success and literally have handled thousands of legal leads over the past 10 years.  Most law firms wish they had this, but have no idea how to obtain this level of success.

4.  How to choose a domain name that potential clients can remember, and which will not lead you into a trademark infringement lawsuit or UDRP domain name dispute.  We can also help you come up with clever slogans and marketing ideas that will make you a more “likeable lawyer” and thus more likely to be retained.  After all, people do business with people they like right?

5.  Help you create a legal podcast that builds fans and followers. Here is my husband and wife legal podcast.  In the world of social media, all fans and followers matter, and this helps you build your sphere of influence.

6.  Consultation on how to effectively use Linked in to build your presence and network in a manner that will generate legal leads.  Here is my linkedin profile.

7.  How to build your Avvo channel.  What?  You don’t know what Avvo is and don’t have an Avvo page ranking that Clients can respect?  Hmmmm.  Here is the Avvo page for Attorney Steve.

8.  We can discuss programs such as and whether or not you should join this platform, which is backed by Google ventures.  Here is my video review of Rocketlawyer for Attorneys.

9.  We can discuss creating facebook fanpages and how you integrate that with everything else, how you can boost posts, and build your fans and follwer base without annoying people.  Here are my three facebook fan pages:

a.  Intellectual Property & Social Media Law (“Ask Attorney Steve”)

b.  Real Estate Law Guy

c.  Personal Injury law (“Verdict Nation”)

10.  What about twitter?  Should your law firm have a twitter channel?  Here is Steve Vondran, the business and real estate lawyer Twitter channel.  Does your law firm tweet?  This is another great social media platform to build your fans and followers base.

These are just THE TOP 10 THINGS we can do for you to help your build your online presence.  There are also other social media marketing concepts that are so basic, yet so misunderstood, that most new lawyers and law firms simply have no idea what they are doing as far as law firm advertising and integrating their presence with a consistent message on these various platforms.  For example, have you ever used SpyFu to see what is working for YOUR COMPETITORS on social media?  Why not?  Your competitors send social signals that can save you time, money and prevented wasted efforts.  Do you have a scribd account offering up free legal documents?  Why not?  Do you have an Attorney Google+ page?  Why not. Do you have a constant contact email system setup so you can engage your existing clients to keep your firm on their radar?  Do I need to go on.

We can help you with social media consulting for law firms, lawyers, and new attorneys.  Can you really afford NOT to call us?  Think about it.  In the future, the internet will be the only chance you EVER have of getting found (other than seminars and word of mouth advertising).

2-Day social media consulting bootcamp (Saturday and Sunday)

The social media consulting we offer is a two day legal bootcamp where we go over your goals, your legal niches, your brand, and help identify money-making opportunities in your business. Don’t be too proud to pick up the phone.  I used to be a solo attorney myself, sending flyers out trying to get business.  While this worked, there was really nothing like social media and legal videos to help me build my business.  We can also discuss social media sales, and how to close the leads that call you.  Most lawyers think they are great “closers” but in fact they are not, and most have never sold anything in their lives.  When these lawyers lose business they just scratch their heads and say things like “that client was just crazy” or “I didn’t want them anyways.”  Yet this approach fails to take accountability for having no clue how to close legal clients and get them to sign on the dotted line to retain your firm.  Our law firm is a guerrilla marketing law firm.  We work our butts off to attract new potential legal clients, and we know how to close the deals we want.  So if you are looking for this type of result in your business, why look to a “social media company” that has no understanding of the law, legal principles, or legal ethics.  Call Attorney Steve Social Media to book a two-day social media marketing and sales bootcamp to seek to catapult your business to the next level.

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 I have been practicing law for over a decade now.  I know the issues you face. Take yourself to the top by consulting with Attorney Steve social media. We can help you take your game to the next level.  We can be reached at (877) 276-5084 or by filling out the contact form below.  We look forward to working with you.