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Ah yes, Technology startup legal counsel with affordable fees!

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Low cost legal fees to get your company launched and running

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ZipCounsel is a service we created to help technology and software companies get launched and to run their business having the legal counsel they need at a low cost price they can afford.   The world of international e-Commerce is far to complex for the average company to deal with.  There are state laws, federal laws, international data privacy laws, international intellectual property rules, complex copyright and trademark laws, and a whole host of other laws, including FCC and FTC rules and regulations.  There is no way to avoid dealing with legal issues on a day to day basis while running your ISP, mobile app company, web-based software company, social media website, digital content provider or other technology based business.  The difference between us and other legal service providers is we offer you these services (provided by an “ATTORNEY” and not a customer support person like LegalZoom, Avvo, or Rocketlawyer) and you deal directly with one of our business lawyers and not with someone who can “REFER YOU TO A LAWYER.”  In short, we are a real law firm that can become your corporate counsel for the life of your business.

We think you will be impressed with our menu of legal items on our ZipCounsel menu.   We also offer innovative services such as a Skype legal chat when you need answers NOW, but don’t have the time to drive down to a lawyers office, fight traffic, dealing with parking nightmares etc.  In short, our law firm likes to move fast just like you do.  You will find that, as we like to say “this is not your daddy’s stuffy law firm at $400 per hour.”  Fill out the contact form below to get a fast quote, usually within the hour.

Types of legal services we can offer

1.  Corporation and LLC formation

2.  Partnership agreements between owners and shareholders

3.  Serve and respond to cease and desist letters

4.  Trade secret consulting

5.  Copyright work for hire agreements

6.  Internet privacy policies & data breach laws consultation

7.  Cybersecurity law

8.  Trademark & domain name issues (UDRP arbitrations)

9.  Copyright fair use & infringement law

10.  Outsourced CPO (Chief Privacy Officer)

11.  DMCA copyright legal issues

12.  Vendor and partner agreements

13.  Joint marketing agreements

14.  Social media disputes & internet defamation

15.  Intellectual property issues

16.  Venture capital and angel investor legal issues

17.  IP licensing issues

18.  Unfair competition & advertising law

19.  General corporate compliance

20.  Responding to regulators and government requests for user data (subpoena response)

21.  Real estate commercial lease review and problems with landlords and property management companies

These are a sample of some of the services we can provide to new and mid-size technology companies.  Fill out the contact form below to discuss other potential services.

Contact a California technology startup lawyer

We counsel corporations and can help in arbitration and litigation matters involving technology, intellectual property, and software law.  Call us at (877) 276-5084.  You can also fill out the contact form below to have one of our representatives contact you – normally within one hour.



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We are a business and civil litigation firm with a focus on copyright infringement cases involving illegal movie downloads (torrent cases such as London Has Fallen, ME2 Productions and Malibu Media defense), software audits (ex. Microsoft audits, SPLA, Autodesk audit notification letter, Siemens PLM defense, SIIA, Adobe and Business Software Alliance defense) and other software vendors threatening piracy and infringement. We also handle cases involving internet law, anti-SLAPP, media law, right of publicity, trademarks & domain name infringement, and we have a niche practice area handling California BRE licensing disputes, accusations, subpoena response, statement of issues and investigations. We have offices in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, San Diego & Phoenix, Arizona and accept federal copyright and trademark cases nationwide. All content on our website is general legal information only and not a substitute for legal advice, and should not be relied upon. Decisions to hire counsel should not be based on advertising alone. Blogs, videos and podcasts are authored by Steve Vondran, Esq. unless otherwise noted. We can be reached at (877) 276-5084.

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