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Welcome to The Law Offices of Steven C. Vondran, P.C.

Vondran Legal is a civil litigation and business law firm licensed to practice law in California and Arizona.

Our firm handles serious legal disputes, arbitration and litigation in the areas of business, real estate, insurance subrogation, personal injury and intellectual property law.  We seek to form a partnership with our clients to provide cost-effective legal solutions.  Our attorneys have represented both individuals and large companies in legal disputes in the southwest, including California and Arizona.

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Our firm’s goal is to tailor a fee structure that meets the needs of each of our clients, whether large or small.  We offer a wide variety of fee structures including flexible hourly rates, contingency fee arrangements, flat fee cases, and a hybrid of these where necessary.

Our commitment to our legal clients

We will work hard on your cases, be responsive to you, and will strive to maximize the recovery in every case for our Plaintiff clients, (or to minimize your legal exposure if you are a Defendant in a case).  In short, we advocate for you, turn over every rock, and fight for every dime you are entitled to and do our best to promote and advance your legal interests.

We have solid experience litigating in state and federal courts in California and Arizona, including adversary proceedings in bankruptcy courts and administrative hearings in real estate licensing broker accusation disputes. We have litigated against fortune 500 companies and their powerhouse law firms down to handler the smaller “mom and pop” type cases involving local businesses.

What makes us different from all the other law firms?

There are a lot of law firms you can choose from, we recognize that.  However, we think when you look closely at the details, there is only one choice – VONDRAN LEGAL.

The top three things that make us better than the other firms:

1.  We believe in customer service.  While most law firms will pay lip service to this, we truly believe that as attorneys you are paying us for legal advice, but to also be responsive and attentive to your needs as a client.  This means we take your calls, or respond to them as quickly as possible, and we cater to your needs as a client the best we can.  In fact, customer service is something you will note the first instance that you contact our firm.  If you don’t believe me, contact the number below to see how you are treated by our friendly staff.   This is clearly not a stuffy old law firm.

2.  We are cognizant that legal bills MUST be affordable.  In this economy, there is no more room for the “Cadillac law firms” of the 80′s.  If you want to pay high legal bills so you can sit in a leather chair and see and touch the mahogony of an expensive law firm (that will be more than willing to pass on their overhead costs to you) then our firm might not be the wise choice.  We believe in keeping costs low, providing tangible value in the cases we work on, and in making the experience affordable as opposed to setting you up for a shocking legal bill (often the product of “double billing” or even “triple billing“) followed by “sending you out to collections.”  Clients deserve better treatment than this.  Reflective of our attitudes in regard to affordable legal services can be found in our Zip Counsel legal services project.

3.  We turn over every stone in your case in an effort to win.  While many law firms state they will go the extra mile for you, we take great pride in being prepared, but also being creative as lawyers and turning over every stone looking for the proper claims and defenses and legal arguments in your case.

While we believe there are many other reasons, such as our track record in state and federal courts, and our strong negotiating skills, these are three things we think are noticeably absent having worked at big firms.

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For more information, or to discuss our experience and qualifications please fill out the form below.  We will not share your information with any third parties as per our policies.  You can also reach us at (877) 276-5084.

We look forward to working with you.

Steve Vondran, Esq. (“Attorney Steve”)

CA Lic.#232337

AZ Lic.#025911

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