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Mechanic Resurrection Torrent

Jul 7th, 2017 | By | Category: Bittorrent Defense

Sued by ME2 Production?  Contact us for a free consultation.  We are a Torrent Defense Law Firm.

ME2 torrent lawsuit


If you just received notice that you are being sued by ME2 productions for illegally downloading or streaming their movie Mechanic Resurrection, you are not alone.  ME2 has filed multiple lawsuits against many cable subscribers in Illinois, Utah, New York and elsewhere.  If you received notice of a subpoena from your ISP, or a law firm wants to take your deposition to prove you are engaged in pirating, downloading or sharing movies illegally we can help.  We have provided a list of some of our most valuable legal resources (many of them are videos that help you easily understand what’s going on, what torrents are, and what potential damages and defenses might be).  Please review below.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our popular Youtube channel (over 3,500 subscribers).

Box Office returns

According to wikipedia:

“Mechanic: Resurrection grossed $21.2 million in North America and $104.5 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $125.7 million. The film was released in the United States and Canada on August 26, 2016 and was projected to open to $6–8 million from 2,258 theaters. It grossed $2.6 million on its first day and $7.5 million in its opening weekend, finishing 5th at the box office. In China, the film made $24.3 million in opening weekend. China was the largest territory for the film, with a total gross of $49.2 million.”

These torrent lawsuits are filed to try to force more people to buy the movie instead of watching it for free online.

Lawsuits filed in United States District Court Illinois

Several lawsuits have recently been filed against “John Doe Defendants” in Illinois.  The cases are as follows:
















Cases have also been filed in Utah (New York as well).  The Utah case numbers are:








Sample exhibit to complaint – infringements of movie

ME2 hash files lawyer

Here is an exhibit to one case I reviewed through the Federal Online Pacer Documents Search.  As you can see, the complaint sets forth some alleged evidence of illegal downloading and shows the IP address, hash file, port number, ISP, location of alleged infringement and other information.

Allegations made in the complaint

Here are a few allegations made against the various Defendants:

Plaintiff is a motion picture developer and producer. Plaintiff brings this action to stop Defendants from copying and distributing unauthorized copies of Plaintiff’s copyrighted Motion Picture to others over the Internet. Defendants’ infringements allow them and others unlawfully to obtain and distribute for free unauthorized copyrighted works that Plaintiff spends considerable sums to create, acquire and/or distribute. Each time a Defendant unlawfully distributes a free copy of Plaintiff’s copyrighted Motion Picture to others over the Internet, each person who copies the Motion Picture then distributes the unlawful copy to others without any significant degradation in sound and picture quality. Thus, a Defendant’s distribution of even one unlawful copy of a motion picture can result in the nearly instantaneous worldwide distribution of that single copy to a limitless number of people. Plaintiff now seeks redress for this rampant infringement of its exclusive rights.

Each Defendant deliberately participated in a swarm and/or reproduced and/or distributed the same seed file of Plaintiff’s copyrighted Motion Picture in digital form with other Defendants. In particular, Defendants participated in a collective and interdependent manner with other Defendants via the Internet for the unlawful purpose of reproducing, exchanging and distributing copyrighted material unique to the swarm.

Each Defendant, without the permission or consent of Plaintiff, has used, and continues to use, an online media distribution system to reproduce and distribute to the public, including by making available for distribution to others, the copyrighted Motion Picture. Plaintiff has identified each Defendant by the IP address assigned to that Defendant by his or her ISP and the date and the time at which the infringing activity of each Defendant was observed (Exhibit B). Each Defendant has violated Plaintiff’s exclusive rights of reproduction and distribution. Each Defendant’s actions constitute infringement of Plaintiff’s exclusive rights protected under the Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. §101 et seq.).

Important Torrent Defense Resources (Videos)

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Contact a ME2 Productions torrent defense attorney

If you received notice of copyright infringement from your ISP call us for a free initial consultation. We can help you understand what’s going on and can help you determine how you might want to proceed. Our number is (877) 276-5084.  We offer low flat rate (predictable legal fees) for most torrent defense cases.  When it comes to this area of law, there is no substitute for experience.  You can see our past client reviews and see our federal court experience.  Many intellectual property lawyers are not familiar with how torrent cases work so it might behoove you to have legal counsel on your side to counter the aggressive representation from opposing counsel.




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