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Low cost contract services by Vondran Legal

Oct 22nd, 2014 | By | Category: ZipCounsel

This blog post is directed to RocketLawyer members.  Our firm is a member of RocketLawyer, the innovative web company backed in part by Google.  We believe in their mantra that legal services should be more affordable to everyone, and we have agreed to provide low cost legal services in the area of contracts law.  All services listed on this page are provided at $125/hour.

low hourly legal fees you can afford

Types of Contract services we provide:

1.  We can DRAFT a contract for you (for example a lease agreement, non-disclosure agreement, promissory note, novation, partnership agreement, website terms of use agreement, internet privacy policy, other legal agreement);

2.  We can REVIEW contracts for you (basically any type of agreement you may want us to review, from employment agreements, to intellectual property agreements, business agreements, landlord / tenant commercial lease agreements, etc.


We know you are busy and need legal services turned around in a short amount of time.  Our pledge is to get the job done right, and provide you with quality legal services.

3.  Where you are facing a BREACH of contract, we can review your case for potential for litigation (sometimes if the loss, damage, or injury is under $10,000 and you are in a California jurisdiction, we can help you prepare the paper work to file the small claims case, and help you get the defendant properly served with summons and complaint..  We offer low services for this as.


So if you need a firm to look at any of the following types of contracts, just call (877) 276-5084 and we will have to confirm you are a RocketLawyer member, and once confirmed, we will extend the low rate of $125 per hour for all legal work we perform on your behalf.  If arbitration or litigation is required, a separate retainer agreement would spell out the costs, terms and fees of a litigation or arbitration.

  • Basic service contracts
  • Contracts and leases between tenants and landlords
  • Basic commercial lease review
  • Draft partnership agreements
  • Draft website terms of use
  • Draft a prenuptual agreement
  • Draft online privacy policies
  • Review foreclosure related documents
  • Draft “novation” contracts (where you let one party out of a contract and bring another party in)
  • We can review your small claims case that deals with contracts and can help you prepare your case for success (the small claims courts go up to $10,000 so these venues can be fast, quick, and cheap, but you still have to prepare to win,
  • Draft non-disclosure agreements
  • We can help you submit contracts with your ideas to the movie and television industry
  • We can review employment agreements
  • When can draft, review, and negotiate restaurant, bar, pub, taverns, and nightclub leases
  • We can review real estate documents that may pertain to a potential lawsuit
  • We can draft lis pendens documents that can be filed with the county recorder
  • Restaurant lease agreements
  • Restaurant franchise agreement
  • Short sale agreement
  • Partnership contracts

This is just a small sample of the types of agreements we can draft, review, and submit to other parties,  We offer these services to non-members for $295/hour, but if you are a RocketLawyer member (which must be confirmed) our fees drop to $125.hour for services provided.  In most cases we will require a $395 up front-retainer.  We accept most major credit cards.

For more information about our Vondran Legal Legendary Contract Draft & Review negotiation services call (877) 276-5084 or fill out the form below.  We look forward to working with you and we believe our services will produce quality legal documents in a short amount of time.  To view more low cost legal services we offer through our Zip Counsel program go to the website.

Let me know if you need any help.  Our phone number is (877) 276-5084.  Or, fill out the contact form below.
Thank you
Steve Vondran, Esq.
Business & Civil Litigation Counsel
CA Lic#: 232337
AZ Lic.#: 025911




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