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Intellectual Property Litigation

Trademarks, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Internet, Sports & Entertainment Litigation.

Attorney Steve Vondran focused his legal studies during law school in sports and entertainment law, trademarks, copyrights, internet law, and trade secrets.  He has litigated a major trademark lawsuit against Bank of America.  He has filed to cancel one of their trademarks with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Our law firms has handled copyright trolls, BSA audits, Autodesk audits, right of publicity, and other entertainment law cases.

Attorney Steve Vondran is a former elected executive counsel member to the Arizona State Bar Intellectual Property Section.  He is a member of the International Trademark Association (“TTA”), American Intellectual Property Law Association (“AIPLA”) and the Sports Lawyers Association.  He is a former privacy consultant, and legislative analyst for the Identity Theft Resource Center in San Diego.  He has developed his own software programs and has worked as an internet marketing specialist for a .com back in the good old days of .com.

We can represent your company and individuals in litigating the following types of intellectual property claims:

1.  Federal trademark infringement lawsuits (including ITC proceedings)

2.  Federal copyright infringement lawsuits (including fair use defense and DMCA litigation)

3.  UDRP domain name dispute proceedings (including ACPA cybersquatter lawsuits)

4.  California right of publicity cases / personality rights (statutory and common law ROP claims)

5.   Right of publicity infringement (celebrity rights law) (Arizona Right of Publicity)

6.  TTAB trademark cancellation proceedings

7.  BSA software licensing audits (go to our Software Audit Defense FAQ page)

8.  Trade secret theft litigation

9.   Software licensing litigation

10.  Internet Lawyer

11.  Music law

12.  Fraudulent sales of website or domain and custom contracts

13.  Sports litigation

14.  Trademark parody litigation

15.  Breach of non-disclosure agreements and theft of ideas

16.  Fashion litigation

17.  Fine art & photography litigation

18.  Podcasting litigation

19.  Video game litigation

20.  Mobile applications law

21.  IBM software license audits

Does your law firm offer a registered DMCA agent program for ISP’s, bloggers, websites that host third party user generated content?

Yes.  To learn more about our Law FIrm DMCA Agent program click here.

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