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How to become a California lawyer WITHOUT going to law school!

Mar 27th, 2015 | By | Category: Meet Attorney Steve

Attorney Steve “Master Your Destiny” Series!  It’s never too late to be who you might have been!

lawyer without law school

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Have people always told you “you would make a great lawyer” but then you think about law school costs and you say “yeah right, the system is rigged, you have to be rich to go to law school.”  Well, maybe it’s time you opened your mind and expanded your horizons and for once in your life think about WHAT’S POSSIBLE, instead on dwelling on what seems IMPOSSIBLE.  This blog post by Attorney Steve helps you MASTER YOUR DESTINY.  I love when there are things out there in life that force people to throw away their excuses and go after their dreams, and basically change their lives to become the people they want to be.  With a law degree almost anything is possible and doors will be opened up that take you COMPLETELY out of the life you are in now, and will TRANSPORT you to a completely different world, one in which you can WRITE YOUR OWN TICKET.  Give this blog a read, and if you like what you see, look into to, living boldly and without guardrails.  As one poet once said “Life is a Daring Adventure or it is Nothing.”  I totally believe that.

LOSP program requirements – Rule 4.29

To be admitted to practice law in California an applicant (over the age of 18) must meet all admission requirements in completing the application for LOSP admission, which include:

1.  completion of the requisite pre-legal and legal education; (LOSP education requirements).  SEE BELOW

2.  registration as a law student;

3.  passage or exemption from the First-Year Law Students’ Examination;

4.  a positive moral character determination;

5.  passage of the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination;

6.  and passage of the California Bar Examination.

Additionally, an applicant must not be certified by the State Department of Social Services as being in non-compliance with a court ordered child or family support obligations and must be current on tax obligations.

What are the educational requirements to apply for the LOSP program in California?

Chapter 3. Required Education Rule 4.25

General education Before beginning the study of law, a general applicant must have completed at least two years of college work OR demonstrated equivalent intellectual achievement, which must be certified by the law school the applicant is attending upon request by the Committee.

(A) “Two years of college work” means a minimum of sixty semester or ninety quarter units of college credit: (1) equivalent to at least half that required for a bachelor’s degree from a college or university that has degree-granting authority from the state in which it is located; and (2) completed with a grade average adequate for graduation.

(B) “Demonstrated equivalent intellectual achievement” means achieving acceptable scores on Committee-specified examinations prior to beginning the study of law.

What are the requirements of the Attorney or Judge that wants to supervise the applicant?

The attorney or judge with whom the applicant is studying must:

(1) be admitted to the active practice of law in California and be in good standing for a minimum of five years;

(2) provide the Committee within thirty days of the applicant’s beginning study an outline of a proposed course of instruction that he or she will personally supervise;

(3) personally supervise the applicant at least five hours a week;

(4) examine the applicant at least once a month on study completed the previous month;

(5) report to the Committee every six months on the Committee’s form the number of hours the applicant studied each week during business hours in the law office or chambers; the number of hours devoted to supervision; specific information on the books and other materials studied, such as chapter names, page numbers, and the like the name of any other applicant supervised and any other information the Committee may require; and

(6) not personally supervise more than two applicants simultaneously.

What I believe it takes to MASTER YOUR DESTINY with with program!

Getting through a four year self study program is not for the weak at heart, the lazy, or the procrastinators.  This is a high level executive apprentice program depending upon the attorney you work with.  We have talked before on our podcasts about what it takes to succeed in this world. Here are a few qualities that I think you have to have in order to be able to successfully complete a program like this, which is not easy:

1.  You have to have a BURNING desire to succeed.

2.  You have to be willing to put all your friends, family members, and loved ones on the BACK-BURNER.  Not to say get rid of them, but you have to be able to focus on what you are trying to become – A LAWYER.  This is not an easy task.

3.  You have to be willing to take criticism and constructive advice.  As much as you know, this is a whole new world and you need to be willing to take your lumps.  As the song goes “I get knocked down, but I get up again.”  You have to check your ego at the door and be willing to take instruction from your mentoring attorney

4.  You have to eliminate the distractions you have in your life that are preventing you from succeeding. Distractions are the killers of success.  You cannnot walk around saying “I have A.D.D. deal with it.”  You have to get your mind focused and show up ready to play ball each day. Law is very exciting, and if you are not ready to make history each day, this program is not for you.

5.  You have to maintain a positive attitude.  Success is an attitude and you have to train yourself to think positively, and think like a winner.  Step up to the plate and get ready to Master your Destiny.

6.  You have to eliminate excuses.  Excuses are the silent killer.  There is always a reason things cannot be done, you have to get around that and focus on getting the job done, and winning the game and solving the problems.

7.  You have to be willing to work like a dog.  There is no substitute for hard work.  When Ted Williams was a baseball player, he hit until his hands bled.  You have to have the same mentality in law.  If you do not have this mentality, I would recommend you steer away from this type of pursuit and get into administrative work.

These are some of the main things that jump into my mind. There are other essential ingredients, but if you TRULY believe this sounds like you, and something you can SUSTAIN for 4 years (and basically the rest of your work life) then the LOSP might be a great option for you assuming you can find a lawyer willing to take you.

LOSP Resources – California State Bar

1.  Notice of Intent to Study 

2.  Law office study cover sheet

3.  California State Bar info page

4.  VIDEO: Should I go to law school?



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