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Flexible Fees

We understand that affordability of legal fees is one of the most important considerations in hiring a new lawyer.  Thus, we have a plan for every pocketbook!!! Give us a chance to quote out your next software audit, real estate accusation, copyright infringement or social media/technology case.

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We offer flexible fee structures among the best and most innovative in the legal industry.

Our law firm understands the importance of keeping legal fees affordable.  SHOCKING LEGAL BILLS are not in the best interest of either a law firm seeking repeat and referral business, or for a client seeking cost-effective legal solutions.  As such, we are very innovative and flexible in creating a fee structure that meets the needs of your business, and for individuals who require affordable legal services.  Some cases may be taken on a contingency fee basis (such as copyright infringement cases for rights holders).   Other cases, such as software audits with Autodesk or the Business Software Alliance, for example, are often handled on a flat rate legal fee basis.  Still other cases may be handled on an hourly basis (ex. Right of Publicity cases), while other cases might be handled on a “hybrid” fee arrangement (part hourly, reduced hourly, and/or contingency fee basis).  Call us for more information.

General Business & Corporate Law / Zip Counsel (INNOVATIVE PILOT PROGRAM)

We offer a vast selection of flat rate legal fees for a wide variety of legal matters including business, corporate matters, intellectual property, and real estate issues.  Check out our menu of services on our ZipCounsel program.  This is a great legal service for startup and small businesses.  We understand legal services must be accessible for all companies of all sizes including artists and business entrepreneurs.  We have broken the legal molds with a suite of flat rate fee legal services for businesses both large and small.  Please fill out the contact form below to get a quote.  Corporations of all sizes turn to us for general corporate advice, real estate (commercial lease issues), drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating deals, and handling other intellectual property and internet law issues that arise in the everyday course of business.  For services not covered through our ZipCounsel service, we offer low hourly and flat rate legal fees upon request, with a minimum retainer agreement as low as $1,000.  We offer great rates for emergency “special appearances” as well.

Software Compliance Audits [BSA | SIIA | Autodesk | Microsoft | Siemens | CNC Mastercam]

In most federal copyright software license audit cases, including cases with the Business Software Alliance, we can often fix a low flat rate fee.  This prevents unpredictable and shocking legal bills.  We have heard that some other software audit defense firms charge as much as $20,000 to be retained.  This is CRAZY!  We have experience handling cases for all sizes of businesses including international companies.

Contact us for a free consultation whether your issue is a shortage of Microsoft CAL licenses, Autodesk AutoCad audits, or SIIA audits.  For more details check out our software audit licensing FAQ page. Specific pricing will depend on the size of your organization, type of software licenses at issue, which organization is auditing you, numbers of computers, laptops, and servers, law firm you are dealing with and other factors.

Real Estate Broker Cases | Accusations | Compliance | Investigations | Property Management Audits | Subpoena Response | Ethics

For our real estate broker clients we offer low flat rate fees on property management audits, broker accusations, real estate licensing issues, license restriction removal, C.A.R. mediation, ethics arbitration, local association arbitration, and other BRE and DRE compliance cases including “cite and fine” cases.  We have helped countless real estate brokers, salespersons, mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals with contract issues, transactional and commission disputes, real estate licensing, subpoena response, investigations and accusations, cite and fine cases, BRE real estate recovery account cases (these can potentially be taken on a contingency fee basis) and more.  We have experience dealing with the BRE and Department of Business Oversight (“DBO”), and with NMLS / MLO and CFL licenses. Contact us below to discuss your issue by filling out the contact form below.

Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration Cases

In alternative dispute resolution cases, for example mediation and arbitration and in litigation cases in state or federal court (such as fraud, copyright, trademark, financial elder abuse, breach of contract, real estate disputes, UDRP domain name disputes, right of publicity and other litigation or arbitration cases) we can potentially offer low hourly fees, flat rate fees, and/or contingency based fees or a combination of the three (a “hybrid” fee as it is often called).  Give us a chance to quote your case by filling out the contact form below.

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Another class of cases we may be able to take on a contingency fee basis is Software License Recovery.

Intellectual Property Cases (Copyright, Trade Secrets & Trademarks)

We offer special pricing to new startup companies seeking cost-effective legal counsel services such as business formation, copyright and trademark registration, non-disclosure agreements, music royalty contracts, contract review, and other intellectual property related legal services.  Contact us to discuss our low flat rate fee programs in these areas.

If your case involves copyright, trade secret, or trademark arbitration, mediation, litigation or appeals, we can also structure very aggressive fees that beat the competition.  In some cases of copyright infringement, for example if another company or person is infringing your artwork, photos, videos or software (for example selling unauthorized and illegal copies on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy) we may be able to structure either a low flat rate fee for a DMCA take down notice, or pursue the case for money damages on a contingency fee basis.  For software companies, check out our page on calculating damages for software infringement.

Contact us to retain our law firm or to discuss our skills, qualifications and fee structures.

For more information about our legal fees for any of our legal services described above, please contact us at (877) 276-5084. We look forward to working with you!!!

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