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Our firm is the exclusive producer of “Copyright Watchdog” a BREAKING LEGAL NEWS video in the area of copyright infringement litigation.  We provide news and legal analysis of recently filed federal lawsuits dealing with alleged infringement of movies, books, artwork, photographs, software, movies, videos, and more.  Attorney Steve, intellectual property lawyer, discusses the key arguments, legal issues and describes what’s at stake.  Make sure to join our Attorney Steve Facebook Fan page so you can watch these videos as we GO LIVE ON FACEBOOK!

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Episode Archive

Microsoft v. The Software King

12/14/16Microsoft Sues The Software King (allegations of copyright infringement, contributory infringement, trade dress, trademark, unfair competition, false advertising, false designation of origin, and other allegations involving sales of software and decoupled product keys and counterfeit software on the internet.

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 Attorney Steve discusses a Malibu Media Declaration by the company owner.

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We can help you if you received a copyright infringement notice from Malibu Media involving X-Art video downloads on torrent sites.

Fake News or did President Trump sue Alec Baldwin for $445,000,000, 000 for making fun of him on Saturday Night Live skit?

Click on this link to learn about the fake news suggesting Trump sued Alec Baldwin for $445 billion for “copyright infringement.”


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June 2017 – ME2 Productions sues several hundred Defendants over illegal movie downloads in Utah.  The movie at issue is Mechanic Resurrection which stars Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones.  If you have received a notice from your ISP or received a subpoena, cease and desist or other notice of copyright infringement call us to discuss your legal rights.  We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the situation and low flat rate fees to retain our services (for non-litigation cases).  Call (877) 276-5084.

You may have received notice from a law firm called Kirton McConkie in Salt Lake City.  Lawsuit has also been filed against Chicago Illinois internet subscribers.  Click here for more information about ME2 Mechanic resurrection torrent defense.

Malibu Media files pre-Thanksgiving lawsuits in Nov. 2017

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