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Copyright Appellate Lawyer for California and Arizona cases.

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If you were the winner or loser in a federal copyright lawsuit and want to appeal or need defense in an appeals case we can help.  Appellate court is much different than a trial court.  On appeal, you need to identify serious prejudicial errors of law that prevented a fair trial.  However, unlike in federal district court the “throw everything against the wall” approach and see what sticks is not necessarily the best approach.  On appeal, it is helpful to identify one to three issues that reflect a serious mistake at the lower court which deserves a new trial.  We can help examine your lower court case and decide if you have good grounds for appeal.

Types of cases we may be able to handle

  1. Fair use defense
  2. First Sale doctrine
  3. Software infringement
  4. Torrent appeals
  5. Jewelry infringement
  6. Film and video infringement
  7. Photo infringement
  8. Microsoft appeals
  9. Autodesk appeals
  10. Adobe infringement
  11. Apple infringement
  12. Other copyright infringement claims

Federal Courts we are or have been admitted to practice before

  1. Central District of California
  2. Northern District of California
  3. Eastern District of California
  4. Southern District of California
  5. Arizona federal court – Phoenix

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