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Balboa Island Lawyer

Oct 27th, 2017 | By
balboa island ferry to fun zone

Newport Beach, Balboa Island Law Firm Introduction Balboa Island is one of my favorites places in the world.  Located in Newport Beach, California, this is home to our Fashion Island Newport law office.  Personally, I have lived on the island for many years and love all that it has to offer.  If you need a

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My early years – playing sports and learning about industry!

Sep 28th, 2017 | By

“Where Hustle’s the Name of the Game, and nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain.  It’s been a load of compromising, on the road to my horizon, but I want to be where the lights are shining on me!” –   Like a Rhinestone Cowboy!  Glen Campbell. Can you guess which

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How to make money as an online Juror – YEAH BABY!

Dec 12th, 2016 | By
How to become online juror

Attorney Steve’s – SHOW ME DA MONEY [Online Jurors]!!! CLICK HERE if you were looking for our popular youtube legal channel.  Over 350,000 video views!!  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE by clicking on the Red “V” for Victory! Introduction Ever wish you could make money sitting at home doing what you love (listening to interesting legal disputes

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Welcome to Attorney Steve’s Website – You Found Us!

Sep 26th, 2016 | By
technology law firm

Welcome to Vondran Legal and the Official Website of Steven C. Vondran, Esq. (Attorney Steve®).  We appreciate you visiting our website and invite you to learn more about what we do!  To contact us now call (877) 276-5084. CLICK HERE FOR ATTORNEY STEVE’S PROFILE CLICK HERE FOR OUR WEBSITE TERMS OF USE Our law firm

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We interrupt this legal blog to bring you an interpretation of “Time” song by Pink Floyd

Jul 11th, 2016 | By

“So you run and you run to catch up to the sun but its sinking, racing around to come up behind you again.” SONG: Click the picture above o play the song while you read this for best results!! My interpretation of Pink Floyd’s “Time” Song This is a totally random blog, but I got

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Social media tips for new lawyers

Jun 14th, 2015 | By
How to build a social media empire for attorneys

How to succeed as a new lawyer – Hang out your shingle!!! Introduction This blog provides some basic things that I think will help any new lawyer succeed after they pass they bar, and when they want to “hang out their own shingle” (which is the only real way to live anyway – building your

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Steve Vondran Federal Court experience

Mar 6th, 2015 | By
central district copyright attorney

Steve Vondran – Federal Court Lawyer Introduction When it comes to hiring a law firm or attorney to handle your federal court cases, you want to make sure you hire a firm that has “been there and done that.”  Federal Court cases are different from state Court cases and you want a lawyer that knows

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Skype with Attorney Steve

Feb 26th, 2015 | By
flat rate fee attorney steve

Affordable one hour legal consultations without the headaches of driving, traffic, parking and waiting in a lobby. OUR SKYPE HANDLE: AttorneySteve Introduction Okay, I know this is not your daddy’s law firm.  But, we think we are great at what we do.  We help companies find a quick and easy way to get legal advice

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Steve Vondran baseball story

Nov 13th, 2014 | By
baseball players turned litigation lawyers

Here is the official account of my baseball background.  While I was not the best player that ever lived, I truly believe I made the best out of what I had and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and left it all our there on the fields I played on.  This is my story, these are

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Why hire Vondran Legal?

Oct 14th, 2014 | By
Vondran Legal reviews

Choosing a law firm to represent you or your company (whether in business, real estate, insurance, intellectual property or software law) is never an easy decision to make.  The decision should not be based on advertising along, but should involve finding an honest law firm with a demonstrated passion for customer service and a track

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