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How to find your Autodesk serial number when your company is in a software audit

Dec 26th, 2017 | By
autoCAD serial number

Autodesk Software Audit Updates – Finding the serial number and why that’s important. Introduction When your company gets a letter from Donahue Fitzgerald law firm or the Business Software Alliance (a trade association for the major software companies, one of them being Autodesk) you have to make the decision whether or not to engage in

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Did you receive an Autodesk audit demand letter from Global Licensing Consulting?

Nov 13th, 2017 | By
Autodesk audit lawyer

Software Audit Information – Compliance Enforcement Companies Introduction One company that might have sent you a demand (letter or email) to comply with a software licensing audit is Global Licensing Compliance.  Although their emails look a little “spammy” or like it is non-legitimate, according to one source I spoke with, this company APPEARS (do not

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Overview of common Autodesk software products

Oct 24th, 2016 | By
Autodesk audit information

Autodesk Audit – Basic Product Descriptions Introduction When companies are asked to engage in a “voluntary” audit with Autodesk software company of San Rafael, one of the questions I get is “what products am I looking for?”  This is a list of some of the more common products that architects, designers and engineers might want

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Case brief – Autodesk, Inc. v. Feinberg & Associates, P.C.

Feb 25th, 2016 | By
copyright defense lawyer

Software infringement law   Case Summary On October 30, 2002, Autodesk, Inc. (“Autodesk”) filed a complaint in United States District Court, Northern District of California (“Court”), alleging Copyright Infringement against Feinberg & Associates, P.C. (“Feinberg”), an architecture firm in New Jersey.  The civil action arises under the copyright laws of the United States, 17 U.S.C.

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Anatomy of an Autodesk license audit

May 20th, 2015 | By

Copyright Infringement Series – How the software audit process works generally Introduction This blog discusses the ins and out of what you can expect to deal with during a software license audit with Autodesk lawyers.  If you haven’t stared down the barrel of a gun you don’t know what it looks or feels like.  This

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