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Oct 23rd, 2017 | By | Category: Copyright Litigation

PIPELINE REPORT – Sample cases we are currently handling, considered taking, consulted on, or recently closed

software and copyright cases we are working on

Sample cases

  1. Microsoft SPLA audit – closed
  2. BSA software audit (multiple cases)
  3. Autodesk software license audit (multiple cases)
  4. TV signal piracy case with Arizona sports bar (Settled)
  5. Cal. Right of Publicity case under California Civil Code 3344 (athlete rights infringement / unfair internet marketing / false endorsement)
  6. Working on trademark for a unique beverage company
  7. Jewelry infringement case – federal court lawsuit
  8. Etsy infringement case
  9. Vero software demands (multiple cases)
  10. Flava adult pornography download case
  11. Working on multiple Siemens software federal litigation cases
  12. Popular singer seeking to have copyright license reviewed
  13. illegal movie download – Venice PI
  14. Microsoft SAM audit for industrial supply company
  15. Working on Vero software licensing cases
  16. Identity theft data breach litigation with mortgage and lending company
  17. G&G Closed Circuit – TV signal piracy case
  18. Apple infringement response
  19. Trademark applications for sporting goods manufacturer
  20. Right of publicity case against global company settled favorably
  21. Working on Solidworks infringement software cases
  22. Analysis of “fair use” in photo infringement cases
  23. Recently closed anti-SLAPP and Right of Publicity case
  24. Working on numerous Bittorrent illegal download cases
  25. Potential photo infringement case (use of real estate photo) with PerkinsCoie
  26. Architect CAD infringement case (builder taking and making derivative works off copyrighted plans)
  27. Right of publicity case
  28. Software program illegal access case
  29. Autodesk audit defense for Design firm
  30. Consulting on Adobe copyright infringement letter (distributing counterfeit goods)
  31. Breach of contract and intellectual property (exclusive rights) in Escape Room case
  32. Autodesk license audit (case dismissed with “take nothing”)
  33. Strike 3 holdings defense – illegal movie download case
  34. Evaluating nail polish infringement case
  35. Malibu Media adult movie infringement case
  36. Torrent case – Once Upon a Time in Venice
  37. Reviewing erotica art infringement case (sex comics / BSDM)
  38. Solidworks infringement
  39. Software Alliance audit negotiation for insurance company
  40. Trademark cancellation proceeding with major shoe company
  41. Photo infringement lawsuit (webmaster use of unauthorized digital image)
  42. License revenue recovery for software company
  43. Photo infringement case with imageright
  44. Alleged Textbook infringement on [law firm of Oppenheim + Zeibrak].  This firm represents major publishers such as Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill, Global Education Holding, Elsevier, and Pearson education.
  45. Business Software Alliance investigation
  46. Malibu Media demand letter
  47. Copyright infringement lawsuit against youtube
  48. WIPO Domain dispute dealing with major automobile manufacturer

Listen to Attorney Steve discuss California Right of Publicity Law

Cal. Civ. Code 3344 attorney

VIDEO:  Click to watch.  What happens when someone uses your name, image, likeness for advertising and marketing purposes (such as to draw visitors to an internet website) without your authorization.  You DO NOT have to be a famous person to recover, and seek an injunction, actual damages, attorney fees, and potentially punitive damages.  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our awesome legal channel which now has over 650,000 video views and over 4,500 subscribers.   As we like to say “Be Smarter Than Your Friends.

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We are a business and civil litigation firm with a focus on copyright infringement cases involving illegal movie downloads (torrent cases such as London Has Fallen, ME2 Productions and Malibu Media defense), software audits (ex. Microsoft audits, SPLA, Autodesk audit notification letter, Siemens PLM defense, SIIA, Adobe and Business Software Alliance defense) and other software vendors threatening piracy and infringement. We also handle cases involving internet law, anti-SLAPP, media law, right of publicity, trademarks & domain name infringement, and we have a niche practice area handling California BRE licensing disputes, accusations, subpoena response, statement of issues and investigations. We have offices in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, San Diego & Phoenix, Arizona and accept federal copyright and trademark cases nationwide. All content on our website is general legal information only and not a substitute for legal advice, and should not be relied upon. Decisions to hire counsel should not be based on advertising alone. Blogs, videos and podcasts are authored by Steve Vondran, Esq. unless otherwise noted. We can be reached at (877) 276-5084.

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