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Do I have to disclose arrest records on my CALBRE real estate salesperson or broker’s application?

Jan 7th, 2016 | By | Category: Real Estate Broker Law

How to obtain a real estate license in California with prior criminal convictions.

DBO and BRE licensing tips


One question that pops up from time to time in our busy real estate practice is whether or not an “ARREST RECORD” (not an actual conviction) needs to be disclosed on CalBRE real estate license applications.  This is general legal information only and not legal advice and the answer below may not be accurate as BRE rules, regulations and forms can be subject to change and interpretation.

To get a background on general real estate licensing issues, go to our broker counsel page.

Sample licensing application – prior convictions

When you pass your salesperson or broker’s test in California, you will be sent a application form (RE 200 for Broker’s and RE 202 for Salespersons).  Here is what the criminal background information portion may look like.

BRE license lawyer California


Procuring a real estate license by fraud or misrepresentation – BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SUBMIT!

Here is a sample of the items that will need to be disclosed once you pass your real estate sales or broker’s examination. As you can see, they do not per se ask for “arrests” to be disclosed.  Again, this may not be the current form so make sure you look at the forms closely before you fill them out or submit.  If you fail to disclose necessary items, the Bureau of Real Estate may find that you have committed acts of:

  1.  Procuring your real estate license by fraud
  2.  Making material misrepresentations

Either of these is not good for the prospective licensee.

Will the BRE review my arrest record and try to use this against me to deny my real estate license?


Criminal convictions real estate license

Here is a sample response to a BRE FAQ regarding disclosing arrest records.  As you can see, an arrest will be something that is most likely flagged by the California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) but this should not be used against you UNLESS and UNTIL you are convicted.  This is not the same as saying that the arrest may not raise some eyebrows, and taken in conjunction with another crime that the applicant HAS BEEN CONVICTED OF, this could trigger closer scrutiny and could result in denial of the license application, at which case the applicant may request a formal hearing in front of the OAH.

Is it legal to deny a real estate sales or broker’s license due to a prior criminal arrest?

Here is another clip from a CalBRE FAQ page regarding licensing tips.

Tips to avoid real estate license denials


Will the BRE learn about my prior arrest records – if so, how does this happen.

As this FAQ response notes, the DOJ will usually flag your arrest records.  But as noted above, they may not be asking you to disclose this on your application forms.

Cal real estate license lawyers

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