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Welcome to our Real Estate “Broker Counsel” page!

Welcome to our real estate broker law, compliance. licensing, arbitration & litigation page.  As you will note by reviewing the resources provided on this page, we are a leader in real estate law and broker defense in the State of California.  We truly believe we are the best real estate law firm to help you whether you are a small or mid size company, on up to a larger residential or commercial real estate firm, property management company, mortgage loan broker or business opportunities brokerage. We can also assist appraisers, notaries and escrow companies.

If your legal issue relates to real estate, (whether seeking to obtain real estate licensing rights, defending you in an accusation or audit, or in response to a subpoena duces tecum), we are able to assist you.  We offer affordable and flexible legal fees to our clients including FLAT RATE LEGAL FEES which has been a huge hit with many of our Clients.

Our law firm is licensed to practice law in California and Arizona and we serve clients throughout both states, and we perform many of our legal services by phone, fax and email so you do not have to worry about traveling, parking, validating, and waiting in the lobby of some stuffy old law firm filling out a bunch of forms.  In short, we do things quicker, more efficiently, and more responsively – and at a better price – than any other firm.  Attorney Steve Vondran heads up the practice area and he is a licensed real estate broker in both CA and AZ and has experience working in the same trenches as our clients do (ex. mortgage lending, residential and commercial real estate).

“The top real estate brokerages should be represented by the top real estate law firm”

– Steve Vondran, Esq.


In our complex modern society, being a successful real estate broker or salesperson basically requires one to have a tremendous amount of knowledge of the various laws, rules, regulations, and ethical obligations of the profession.  While this may sound simple, merely passing a real estate brokers examination does not prepare one for the legal land-mines that often arise in the day-to-day practice of real estate.  If you don’t believe me, pick up a stack of real estate documents in every residential or commercial real estate transaction, or loan transaction and tell me what each document means, and how you would advise your client if asked to explain the significance of each document.  It is truly a tremendous undertaking to master the legal side of the real estate business.

If you are reading on it’s because you know what I am suggesting is true and you know what a daunting task it is to fully and completely understand, (much less comply) with EVERY LAW, RULE, AND REGULATION of the real estate business (the rules of the game which are also CONSTANTLY CHANGING). Such rules include but are not limited to:

1.  MLS rules and regulations

2.  Realtor Code of Ethics & Realtor Disputes

3.  Local Realtor association rules and policies

4.  California real estate commissioner rules and regulations

5.  California statutory law (ex. business and professions codes, civil codes)

6.  California case law (judge made law that comes down from appellate courts every day which impact the real estate business)

7.  Federal statutory and case law (ex. TILA, Safe Act, RESPA, Fair Housing)

8.  Did you forget to add social media law (ex. UDRP domain disputes, FTC endorsement rules, privacy policies, online defamation) and intellectual property rules (such as copyright and trademark) that are literally in their infancy and changing every day both locally and internationally?

If you have all this handled you do not need our law firm or any other firm.  However, since you landed on our Broker Counsel page, it is probably likely that you are looking for a strong business and real estate firm to assist you in a business ore real estate matter that affects your business.

We are here to help you with just about any type of business or real estate issue your company may be dealing with.

What types of cases do we handle in our Real Estate Broker Law, Compliance & Litigation Practice Area?

We handle the following types of real estate law cases:


Can I get a real estate license in CA with a prior criminal conviction like a DUI or possession of marijuana?

Popular legal podcast

PODCAST:  Click on the picture above to listen to the podcast regarding prior crimes.  If you need help, call us at (877) 276-5084. 

Attorney Steve Video Responses to Frequently Asked Real Estate License Compliance Questions

1.  Can I get a real estate license if I have past criminal convictions

2.  If I am in a property management audit can I sell my company?

3.  Is the Bureau of Real Estate (“BRE”) cracking down on property managers and auditing their trust accounts?

4.  What is the “standard of proof” in a BRE licensing accusation hearing?

5.  How can I collect an advance fee in a real estate transaction?

6.  What is a restricted real estate license and how does that effect my “due process” rights?

7.  Do I have a right to appeal my DRE licensing case if I don’t like the decision of the administrative law judge and real estate commissioner?

8.  How long do I have to wait after my real estate license was revoked to seek petition for reinstatement?

9.  If I get an accusation against my real estate license will I also lose my NMLS mortgage lending license?

10.  Can you tell me how the real estate “cite and fine” citation program works and can I contest that?

11.  What is the BRE audit and accusation process in California?

More great real estate law compliance resources for brokers!

You can also find a ton of great real estate law information on our ActiveRain real estate blog.  For real estate law junkies, we maintain a widely popular real estate law youtube channel with over 800 current subscribers.  Click on the link and SUBSCRIBE to join the club!  Here is our BRE Compliance Portal.  You can bookmark our business and real estate success podcast at

We handle both DBO and BRE cases (and DRE cases in Arizona)

Attorney Steve Vondran is uniquely experienced and qualified to represent you DBO and BRE licensing cases and in real estate arbitration, mediation, ethics complaints, and real estate litigation cases.  Whether you are a Complainant or Respondent, Plaintiff in a case, or being sued as a Defendant in state or federal court, (or a licensee facing discipline with BRE or facing problems with admission to the real estate board), we can help.  Call us by filling out the form below.

Vondran Legal has your covered when it comes to real estate law

Our firm, and both of our lawyers are licensed to practice law in both California and Arizona.  Mr. Vondran is a licensed real estate broker in both states which ensures you that he has the skill, training, and experience you need and expect when hiring real estate counsel.  We have been in the trenches and we know your business and the complex real estate law issues you face.  Don’t bet the future of your real estate company on a law firm that handles divorce, criminal, BK and/or personal injury law and which only dabbles in real estate law.  You need a strong regional business and real estate law firm to represent you.

Should I just call the C.A.R. legal hotline?

Some brokers have tole us that we are “better than the C.A.R. legal hotline.”  C.A.R. has great lawyers, but they cannot by law provide you with legal advice. Instead, they only provide general legal information.   We make hiring a law firm affordable.  According to C.A.R.:

“Is the Legal Hotline a substitute for private legal counsel?

Not always.  Members who require review of an entire contract, representation in a lawsuit, drafting of documents, or other services beyond the scope of those provided by the Hotline should consult legal counsel of their choice.  C.A.R. attorneys are experts in real estate law and do not give legal advice in unrelated areas of law.   C.A.R. maintains a referral panel of private real estate attorneys who are available to handle matters for members and/or parties to transactions. Members desiring a referral to outside counsel simply need to ask the legal staff or Hotline attorney for a referral.”

We can help you in these areas where there is no substitute for legal counsel.  Contact us below to discuss you case, your needs, and your budget.

Real Estate Cumis Counsel cases

We can also handle Broker Errors and Omission (E&O) cases where the broker needs to seek “Cumis counsel” representation when the insurance carrier issues a “reservation of rights” letter.

Contact our Firm

If you have a business or real estate question, contact us at (877) 276-5084 or fill out the contact form below.  We look forward to working with you.