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This is our Litigation Whiteboard® page where we talk about general legal information dealing with the litigation process.  We discuss federal and state litigation process (state law being focused on California law).  The videos are legal information only and not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.  Do not rely on the videos as they are for general information purposes only.  If you think you want to retain counsel, call us to discuss your case.

If you like our videos, feel free to SHARE the on your social media networks.  Our Youtube Channel is now over 330,000 views, and over 2,250 subscribers.  We appreciate all the kind words we have received for lawyers, law students, pro se litigants and people who just like to learn more about the legal system.  At our firm, we strive to make law understandable, affordable and accessible.  We work harder than any other law firm, and we LOVE what we do!


Here is a testimony from one viewed who watcher our legal tips videos and used it to successfully win his defamation case.  He has authorized us to post his testimony.

Attorney Steve,

You are my hero! You have inspired me to become a litigation Warrior. I first started my defamation of character case that I had filed in July of 2017. I didn’t think I could do it pro se until I watched all of your videos over and over again and have read your website. You have become my litigation mentor. I completed my case today with a summary judgment that I filed on the 18th of January 2018. I I have filed everything from the complaint to a default judgment, motion for interrogatories, and other paper forms of discovery, motion of indigency, Depositions, all the way till the summary judgment. The defamation of character case was filed in Stark County Ohio, in the Canton Municipal Court Civil Division.

 Abramson vs Torres 2017- CVF- 4161

I was really nervous on doing something like this on my own but you have given me the confidence that I needed to stand up for myself. I am a fireman and a paramedic for Perry Township Fire Department and I am also a police officer for the Village of Marshallville Police Department. I make under $13 an hour at both jobs and I’m only part-time. I have four kids and a wife and we struggle with our finances. But we are hard workers and we stand up for what is right. Without the litigation Warrior series I probably would have never been able to have my case heard because I would have never been able to afford an attorney. Or I would have just lived with the daily harassment from the defendant with no relief. I had a little bit of litigation knowledge going into it and I studied the Civil rules of procedure and Rules of Evidence, legal terminology and case law, but you really were able to break things down for me to understand. After this case and watching your videos for a year has inspired me to want to attend law school. And help those who cannot help themselves. That’s why I became a police officer and a fireman is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. You’re a good man Steve.  



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  3. Trademark infringement
  4. Right of publicity
  5. UDRP Domain disputes
  6. Software infringement (software audit defense) (software litigation)
  7. Real Estate disputes

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