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Great reasons to choose Vondran Legal for your next residential or commercial real estate project!

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When you are trying to find a real estate law firm to assist you with contracts, transactional matters, letters of intent, commercial lease agreements, fractional ownership, 1031 exchange, tenant in common or other real estate matters, you should be looking for a lawyer or firm with the following qualities:

1.  Experienced (we have been in the real estate field since the firm began in 2004).  Attorney Steve Vondran has experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions, zoning and land use issues, and he is licensed to practice law in both California and Arizona.  He handles real estate transactions throughout both states.

2.  Qualified (Attorney Steve Vondran has earned real estate broker’s licenses in both California and Arizona)

3.  Technical (we excel at contract draftings and making the deal happen with negotiation skill and finesse)

4.  Communication (real estate issues are complex, and the “language of real estate” is foreign to most people and business owners).  We help break things down in “layman’s terms” so that you understand the important legal concepts that apply in your case.

5.  Friendly, responsive & passionate (when you contact our law firm, you will notice our energy and passion right off the bat).  We are not a “mahogany-leather chair” type of law office with grumpy attorneys at the helm.  We love what we do and we care about RESULTS!

6.  Cost-effective / affordable.  We strive to offer a wide variety of legal fee structures that are designed to fit your budget, and cost-effectively provide access to the legal services you need whether you are a new or experienced real estate investor, property owners, buyer, seller, commercial tenant, etc.  Give us a chance to quote out your next project before you look to one of the bigger firms.  We are a boutique real estate firm that is structured to be nimble and more responsive to your needs.

If this sounds like a good fit, fill out the contact form below, or call us at the number above to discuss your case.  We look forward to working with you!

Types of transactional services we provide

Here is a list of the types of real estate law transactional services we can provide:

  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Residential transactions
  • Commercial financing
  • Tenant buyout agreements (condo conversions)
  • Sale of business agreements (“business opportunities” including websites & domain names)
  • Commercial leases
  • Fractional ownership (home, condo, vacation)
  • Tenant in Common (“TIC”) agreements
  • Subleases and subelts
  • Equity share agreements
  • Condo conversions
  • Real estate investor counsel
  • Seller carry-backs
  • Real estate development agreements
  • Cell tower leases (“rooftop leases”)
  • Legal issues with REIT’s
  • Zoning, Use Permits, Variances (only in select cases)

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.  If it involves real estate, we can help!

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Bonus materials.  Click the picture above to watch our law firm “movie trailer” for our real estate practice.  We put a lot of fun, passion, and education into our videos, and this video tries to demonstrate the love and passion our firm haw for real estate law.  Makc sure to click on the RED “V” to subscribe to FREE video law updates that we post in the future!  Thank you for your support which his tipped our business and real estate law channel over 100,000 visitors and 700 subscribers.  Not bad what you can do on iMovie and about a thousand sleepless nights!!!

Areas of service

We serve Clients throughout California and Arizona, including San Francisco, Tiburon, Belevedere, Sausalito (Marin County), Los Angeles (Beverly Hills office), Orange County (Newport Beach office), San Diego (serving also Carlsbad), and we have an office in Phoenix, Arizona that handles real estate investments, transactions, zoning, eminent domain and land use law.  Click here to view our offices!

Contact our firm

To discuss your business or real estate matter with one of our attorneys, call us at (877) 276-5084.