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In the new economy, ideas are everything.  When ideas meet up with capital, energy, enthusiasm and passion, anything can happen and the seeds of greatness can be sown.  We embrace the startup mentality and we offer legal services designed to help you launch, protect your intellectual property, and also avoid infringing the intellectual property of other companies (ex. copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, rights of publicity, etc.)

What types of things can be copyrighted?

Copyright can be obtained on basically any “creative work” that is “fixed in a tangible medium of expression.”  It’s really that simple.  This means the following types of products can be copyrighted:

  • Software
  • Mobile applications
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks
  • Logos
  • Music beats
  • Poetry
  • Creative writings
  • Photographs
  • Illustrations
  • Cartoons
  • Comic strips
  • Computer games
  • Band recordings
  • Creative letters
  • Youtube videos
  • Selfies
  • Screenplay
  • Creative scuplture
  • Parody products

I think you get the idea. If you have created or authored any of these types of “works” you may be able to seek copyright protection.  Even transformative works can be protected.

We can help with Copyright Assignment & Licensing Agreements

If you need to obtain rights from another party to use their copyrights, we can hep with Copyright Assignment agreements.  We can also help you license copyrights owned by other parties.  In the assignment situation, the copyright holder assigns you all of their rights.  In the license scenario, you basically get legal permission to use their copyrighted works in one or more ways.

How can we protect our company to make sure we are not infringing on the intellectual property rights of other companies?

To obtain copyright protection your work needs to be original and not copied or a knockoff of what someone else, or some other company has done.  If you had access to someone else’s copyrighted works (ex. any of the digital products identified above) and “substantially copied” their work, you could be sued for federal copyright infringement.  Sometimes, for new companies, it is important to get a legal opinion from a business and intellectual property law firm before investing in your product.  We can help you determine whether creation of your new video game, eBook or mobile application or other product will potentially infringe on the rights of others.  If so, some practical alternatives or modifications can be explored.

For a low flat rate legal fee you can have your own IP Counsel to advise you as you grow.  Not having legal counsel on your side is a potential recipe for legal disaster (you cannot grow your company when you are engulfed in state or federal litigation and paying expensive attorney fees).  As we like to tell our clients, the best money you can spend on lawyers is keeping you out of legal trouble in the first place.  This is why all the major Fortune 500 companies have either their own in-house corporate legal department, or outsourced business law firm like ours.  Talk it over with your partners and venture capitalists and see if they agree.

IMPORTANT: Click here to learn more about our DMCA agent law firm program.  Our intellectual property law firm can serve as your Digital Millennium Copyright Agent agent for DMCA take-down notices.

What do we charge for our intellectual property services?

We have low cost legal fees for our corporate and intellectual property business clients.  Our hourly rate for eCommerce and IP services is just $125/hour through our ZipCounsel service.  This blows away what typical law firms charge and is one of the reasons we have become such a successful law firm in a little over 10 years of doing business.  We understand that legal rates must be affordable, and that the double and triple billing that some law firms are famous for cannot work in the new economy.  As we like to say “this is not your daddy’s law firm.”  These fees are for non-litigation technology clients and other select businesses.  Contact us to discuss your needs by filling out the form below.

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We are ready to help you discuss your intellectual property needs.  We have an intellectual property attorney waiting to assist you.  When your assets are on the line, don’t go it alone. Lawyer up to get the business and IP counsel your business needs to get out of the gate and grow.  We can be reached at (877) 276-5084 or we can contact you if you leave your name and phone number below.