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5 questions to ask before you hire your next BRE defense attorney

May 21st, 2015 | By | Category: Real Estate Broker Law

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Your real estate license is your “ticket to the show” and your means of earning a living for you and your family.  With everything riding on it the stakes could not be higher.  So when you are facing real estate issues that impact your business and your life, you need a BRE defense attorney you can trust.  A law firm that has your best interest at heart.  This blog discusses some of the important questions you need to ask before you hire a law firm to represent you in license discipline matters, suspensions, revocations, accusations, admissions, commission disputes, board arbitrations and other real estate litigation cases.

1.  How much do you know about this area of law?

We have over 10 years experience in real estate law.  You can view our law firm Avvo reviews here.  In that time, real estate law and more specifically BRE defense and licensing cases, has been the strong focal point of our firm.  Having passed two broker exams myself, and given my prior experience in real estate (both residential and commercial) and mortgage lending, we believe we have the perfect blend of real world and legal experience to assist you in your accusation or investigation, real estate licensing admissions case, cite and fine, or desist and refrain case.

2.  How strong are your relationships with the Bureau of Real Estate?

We have dealt with many of their auditors, investigator and attorneys from San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento.  Over the years, we have developed what we believe are strong connections with the BRE attorneys and staff and we believe you will find us to be well respected in our field.  We have a strong background with the mortgage lending unit having obtained over 60 advance fee agreements for our mortgage clients.

3.  How passionate are you about real estate law in general?

If you are not hiring a lawyer who is passionate about their work, in my opinion, you are throwing your money away.  Passion is not something that a lawyer can merely talk about (ex. “who me, yeah I am passionate about BRE defense cases), it is something that should be obvious and apparent and objectively verifiable.  For example, how do you know we LOVE WHAT WE DO?  Here are a few objectively verifiable items to consider:

a.  Attorney Steve is licensed as a real estate broker in California and Arizona.  He has taken substantial course work, passed many exams, and basically jumped through the same hurdles and hoops as you have.

b.  Attorney Steve has background in residential and commercial (Daum Commercial) real estate, and mortgage lending (American Home Equity).

c.  Attorney Steve sits on the Camelback East Village Planning Committee (having been appointed by the Mayor) and presides over business and real estate development issues.  We practice law in both California and Arizona.

d.  Our firm is a leader in foreclosure defense and predatory lending having litigated against some of the largest companies in the world and their legal teams.  We were invited to appear on FoxNews three times to discuss our cases.

e.  Our firm is not afraid to “show what we know” and we have a real estate law Youtube channel approaching 100,000 hits.  Watch a few videos and tell me if this is the “stuffy old attorney” you were expecting to work with.

In short, when it comes to real estate, we truly believe no one does it better!  Fill out the contact form below to learn more.

4.  How effective have you been in getting results?

We have been on the phones when our Clients have literally cried tears of joy for saving their real estate license, or getting them admitted to get a new salesperson license, or getting bumped up from a sales to a brokers license.  We have been in audits and steered companies to success with voluntary self-audits.  We have saved real estate licenses on the Courthouses steps.  We have won them at the conclusion of a hearing.  We have settled numerous cases without ever having to go to a hearing.  We have dealt with both DRE (now BRE) and California Department of Corporations cases (now Department of Business Oversight or “DBO” as it is called) and we have battled in and out of the Courts, and in arbitrations fighting for our real estate clients.  In short, we are “battle-tested” and ready for whatever hurdles, challenges and obstacles stand in your way.

5.  What can I expect when dealing with your law firm in terms of service and fees?

Your hiring decision should not be based on fees alone.  They should be based on the above factors, plus fees and considering the levels of service you can expect to get.  One of the things we like to say out our firm is that “this is not your daddy’s stuffy old law firm.”  What that means to you is we do things differently.  Here are some things you can expect when we are retained to handle your BRE defense case:

1.  Prompt return of your phone calls and emails.  Communication with your defense counsel is important and we take great effort to make sure you know where are here, in your corner, fighting for you.

2.  Thoughtful responses to your questions.  When you are involved in the legal process, we know there is a lot of legal concepts and terminology you won’t understand. We take time to explain the process, in layman’s terms, so that you understand what’s going on.  Some law firms I have worked out like to act pretentious, and to keep you ignorant of what’s going on so they feel like they can keep the upper hand.  We like our Client’s to be informed, and to partner with us to help take their case where it needs to go.

3.  We are listeners, and we work hard to make sure we fully understand your case.  Some lawyers only like to pontificate and hear themselves talk.  We care about your problems and trying to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4.  Quality work product.  It is important that letters and pleadings be professional and convey the right message.  We strive to produce a quality work product that will be taken serious by both the Courts, opposing parties, and others in the case.

5.  Fair and flexible legal fees.  All that I have written above makes no sense if you cannot afford an attorney.  We understand legal fees must be affordable, and we believe we have one of the most flexible legal fees plans in the legal field.  We don’t double or triple bill you, and work to resolve your case in a cost-effective manner.

Contact a California BRE Defense lawyer

If all this sounds good to you, GREAT.  We are happy you are interested in giving us a closer look.  To find out more, simply give us a call or drop us a line using the contact form below.  Our phone number is (877) 276-5084.  We handle cases throughout the state of California including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco areas.  We also handle cases with the DRE in Arizona.


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